Groundfish Advisory Subpanel

Mr. John Holloway is the Chair of the Groundfish Advisory Subpanel (GAP) and Ms. Susan Chambers is the Vice-Chair. See the current GAP roster. The staff officer for the GAP is Brett Wiedoff.

Advisory subpanels like the GAP are established by the Council for each fishery management plan. The subpanels consist of people representing groups or interests concerned with management of their respective fishery, and who have expertise related to the fishery. The general purpose of the advisory subpanels is to advise the Council on fishery management problems, planning efforts, and the content and effects of fishery management plans, amendments, and regulations.

The GAP includes three fixed gear (at-large) commercial fishers, one conservation representative, two processors, one at-sea processor, three sport fishers, two open access fishers, three trawlers, four charter boat operators (one each for Washington and Oregon, and two for California), and one tribal fisher.